Inspiration comes from within

She inspired "Gabby Mac" and all lifes endless possibilities darling Gabrielle MacKenzie.


Daughter of Mine


You inspire me to be, more than what I am,

 More than what I’ll ever be,

You are the greatest love I will ever know,

A pure soul, so innocent, so sweet,

Untainted by life’s tragedies,


I will protect you and guide you an never leave your side,

Making sure you’ll never cry,

 But when you do, ill comfort you, hold you and be by your side,


You are the reason I exist, you’re the reason I strive

You have taught me the meaning of life,

It’s your laughter, your smile, your warm embrace


You are me and I am you, and together we are we

You are my heart, your are my soul,

You give me the simplest pleasures in life,

You make me happy, and to feel such happiness is divine,


My love for you is endless……, oh sweet daughter of mine.




 Lydia Lau 05/20/2004

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